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What is Google's Privacy Sandbox?

Google Delays Depreciating Third-Party Cookies in Chrome until 2024

As we heard this summer, Google is once again delaying plans to phase out Chrome’s use of third-party cookies (the files websites use to remember preferences and track online activity). In a blog post, Anthony Chavez, Google’s VP of Privacy Sandbox, said that the company is now targeting the “second half of 2024” as the timeframe for adopting an alternative technology.

What's the point of Google's Privacy Sandbox?

The Privacy Sandbox was created to protect people's privacy online and give companies and developers tools to build sustainable digital businesses. The Privacy Sandbox reduces cross-site and cross-app tracking while helping to keep online content and services free.

About Privacy Sandbox for Web

Privacy Sandbox for the Web will phase out third-party cookies and limit covert tracking. By creating new web standards, it will provide publishers with safer alternatives to existing technology, so they can continue building digital businesses while your data stays private.

The Goals of Privacy Sandbox

  1. Build new technology to keep your information private Consumers should be able to enjoy their browsing and app experiences without worrying about how their personal information is collected or used, and by whom. The Privacy Sandbox technologies aim to make current tracking mechanisms obsolete, and block covert tracking techniques, like fingerprinting (a term used to describe information collected about a person’s software and hardware for the purpose of identification).

  2. Enable publishers and developers to keep online content free Billions of people around the world rely on access to information on sites and apps. To provide this free resource without relying on intrusive tracking, publishers and developers need privacy-preserving alternatives for their key business needs, including serving relevant content and ads.

  3. Collaborate with the industry to build new internet privacy standards The internet is a source of information and engine of economic growth worldwide. Google invites members of the industry – including publishers, developers, advertisers, and more – to get involved and contribute to the development of better privacy standards for the Web and on Android.

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